Azar Azad

AI Vali

Azar Azad received her medical laboratory doctorate in 1991 and her PhD in clinical biochemistry 1993. She worked as Assistant Professor and director of research laboratory in the Center of Cardiovascular Disease. She started her Post-doc training in 1996 at University of Toronto with major focus on angiogenesis and apoptosis in cardiovascular system, evaluating molecular pathways for iNOS and oxidative stress. In the summer of 2000 she accepted the Laboratory Co-Director position at Banting and Best Diabetes Center (BBDC) Core Laboratory and by 2001 joined the pathology and laboratory medicine department at Mount Sinai Hospital. Azar worked as scientific staff and business development until 2008, when Mount Sinai Services Inc. (MSS) spun out from Mount Sinai Hospital. Her leadership and unwavering dedication has been instrumental in helping MSS to grow into a successful organization. She has provided vision, strategic direction and exceptional business development acumen. Azar led the MSS team in securing ISO 15189 certification – a first for a Canadian research lab (per IQMH). In 2015 the second company, iTP Biomedica Inc. was incorporated. Azar is one of the founders and currently acts as chief operating officer for iTP Biomedica. Azar is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and has regulatory certifications as auditor for medical devices and ISO. She has a track record of achieving FDA and Health Canada approvals for devices and assays. Her new startup company is AI VALI Inc. which focuses on using AI computational analysis in diagnostic digital pathology.