Colin Webster

Founder and CEO, Hero Ventures

Colin Webster is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Hero Ventures Ltd. He is responsible for the overall corporate and investment vision of a portfolio of early stage companies. Colin has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering/Economics from Princeton University. He worked for NCR Canada providing UNIX tech support, then moved to Belgium and became Manager of Inland Operations for CAST Shipping developing internal money saving container tracking systems. Colin worked for Hummingbird Communications Ltd as Product Manager for their flagship software product in Toronto, which brought in over $100 million revenue in 1996. He founded reBOOT Canada, a charity that recycles computers from corporations and donates them to charities across Canada. Colin holds two patents for sports glasses technologies. Colin founded an Interactive Classifieds web site for used computers called in 1997, which was renamed edeal Services Corp. in 1998. As CEO of edeal for 5 years, Colin raised over $6 million from various sources including J.L.Albright Partners before the company was renamed Truition Inc. Truition was sold in 2009 to CDC software. Colin also founded Jatheon Technologies in 2003, FirstCoverage Inc in 2005, Dos Cielos Privado in 2011 and Seahorse Technologies in 2012.